Ben López, executive director of NALIP: This is a multiple media festival to showcase the best Latino content in the US
NALIP's Latino Media Fest online October 14
Miryana Márquez|01 de octubre de 2020

The Latino Media Fest, organized by NALIP, will take place from October 14 to 16, for the first time in a virtual mechanism.

As explained by Ben López, executive director at NALIP, this is a multiple media festival to showcase the best Latino content in the US.

However, since it is virtual there is greater “access to a global audience and the opportunity to join these Spanish-speaking communities or people who identify with this more universal content. It could be content created by a Latino or Latin American director or producer".

During the Festival, there will be almost 30 sessions of workshops, masterclasses, and networking in all the areas, including a meeting with the entertainer Jorge Gutiérrez (who is making Maya and the Three with Netflix) and Patricia Riggen, where they will speak among other things about the importance of having Latino members in the Oscar Academy, but also about how they started their career, what the best strategies are and how they are helping those who are starting.

“This new entertainment scheme is already global. You can't have only domestic success. Now, you somehow have to try to devise projects in different areas".

López assured that they "want to break barriers, borders, and the bubble we sometimes have in our communities to make an international festival," open to all those who are interested.

The passes to the event can be purchased in Latino Media Fest and PRODU followers have a special discount code: Produ_LMF20.