Carmen Larios, Head of Content of A&E and Lifetime Latin America: Narcos is an excellent product for our screen

Narcos for the first time on pay-TV
Aliana González / Abril Mejías|14 de noviembre de 2019

A+E Networks Latin America officially launched Narcos and announced that the premiere of the series will be on Monday, November 25, at 10:50pm for their 75 million clients. Carmen Larios, Head of Content of A&E and Lifetime Latin America, reported that the production of Gaumont will be available from Monday to Friday at that time, as well as through their non-linear platforms.

“Our audience enjoys this topic and big productions, that is why, working with Gaumont, the production company of Narcos, we thought it was an excellent product for our screen and we are thrilled to bring this talent and this production to our channel,” expressed Larios.

For his part, César Sabroso, SVP, Affiliates, Marketing and Communications at A+E Networks Latin America, emphasized it is the first time that Narcos is launched on pay-TV and that the five seasons will be available for subscribers to watch one after the other. "It will reach an audience that was never able to enjoy this series and will be available continuously and uninterruptedly," he explained. He also explained that a campaign was created with "corrido" music, exclusive for the five seasons, created by the musician Mauricio Arcas, a former member of the Venezuelan group Los Amigos Invisibles.

Ezequiel Olzanski, VP, Distribution, and Co-production for Latin America at Gaumont, commented in the launch that the series will have special dubbing, with authentic Colombian voices to take the audience even closer to the story. "The expectation is huge. We have in our hands one of the most popular series of recent times and for the first time are taking a path conversely: this series comes from (Netflix) and is going to cable, and is doing so because cable in Latin America is very big, it has a reach that platforms don´t have yet, and that is why a bunch of people is going to see it for the first time. A great deal of work has been done during these two years for the launch after the Netflix window."

Part of the talent attended the press event that took place in Mexico City: Paulina Gaitán, Teresa Ruiz, Mayra Hermosillo, and Rodrigo Murray, as well as the producer Jess More.

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