Extrema Obsesión: Obesidad

Nat Geo Mundo premieres eight episodes of Extrema Obsesión shot in Latin America
27 de julio de 2012

Starting in August, Nat Geo Mundo delves deep into the world of anxiety through eight distinct episodes shot across Latin America. Extrema Obsesión uncovers the shocking worlds these individuals inhabit, investigating the varied perspectives of their lives rooted in fears and expressed in extreme behaviors. Extrema Obsesión, a Nat Geo Mundo original production, is an anthology that showcases the riveting lives of those plagued by eating disorders and phobias, with analysis and insights provided by key experts specializing in each of these sometimes misunderstood conditions. Watch testimonials of people suffering inside their bodies, from one 19 year old girl who weighs a mere 55 pounds to a man trapped by his 750-pound body. These are the episodes that will air starting in August: Extrema Obsesión: Anorexia y Bulimia (Sunday, August 5 at 10pm); Extrema Obsesión: Cirugías Plásticas (Sunday, August 12 at 10pm); Extrema Obsesión: Obesidad (Sunday, August 19 at 10pm) and Extrema Obsesión: Fobia a los Animales (Sunday, August 26 at 10pm).