Pioneros del Mayflower (Saints & Strangers) (2x120’)

Nat Geo Mundo presents two-night movie event Pioneros del Mayflower
19 de noviembre de 2015

Nat Geo Mundo’s two-night movie event Pioneros del Mayflower (Saints & Strangers) (2x120’), premiering Nov. 22-23 at 9pm ET/8pm CT, goes deep inside the familiar historical account of Thanksgiving, revealing the trials and tribulations of the first settlers at Plymouth and their complex relationship with the Native Americans. Unfolding over two nights, Pioneros del Mayflower begins at sea, with passengers sick and weary from a seemingly endless voyage. The first night explores hardships faced by the passengers aboard the Mayflower and as they begin to build their settlement at Plymouth. On the second night, alliances are put to the test when a betrayal by the settlers leads to a broken agreement with the Pokanoket. Finding themselves again exposed, a new threat emerges for the Pilgrims as rumors spread that the natives are planning to attack the English. But after the Pilgrims help nurse an ailing Massasoit back to health, he warns them of the danger. The Pilgrims preemptively strike first and are victorious, and the Plymouth Colony’s renewed alliance with the Pokanoket would go on to last for more than 50 years. Pioneros del Mayflower is produced for National Geographic Channels US by Sony Pictures Television. For Little Engine Productions, Grant Scharbo and Gina Matthews are executive producers. Teri Weinberg is also executive producer, Eric Overmyer is executive producer/writer and Seth Fisher is executive producer/writer. The original script was written by Chip Johannessen, with revisions by Walon Green. Paul Edwards is the director and Hans Zimmer is the executive music producer. For Sony Pictures Television, executive vice president of movies and limited series is Helen Verno. For National Geographic Channels, president of original programming and production is Tim Pastore and vice president of production is Matt Renner.