Juana María Torres, production director at NatGeo

NatGeo: The production of Asombrosamente, which bets on colloquial scientific content, took a year and a half
Carmen Pizano, Mexico City|01 de septiembre de 2015

The first season of Asombrosamente -new program on NatGeo´s Cerebrearte slot- is focused on neuroscience in a fun and colloquial way. “All the content was designed by Latin American scientists in a year and a half, and this, together with Alex Syntek’s presence as host of the program, resulted in a fresh, high-quality product,” said NatGeo production director, Juana María Torres, to PRODU. “Research and design of the topics that would be covered in this first season took six months; six months more were necessary to finish the scripts and take the neuroscience topics to a colloquial and fun level; and six months for shooting with Alex Syntek. Post production was complex because there are many graphic elements”, said the executive. Since this program is a proposal for scientific dissemination for Latin America, the production team chose to seek advice with researchers from renowned Latin American institutions, such as UNAM in Mexico and Conicet in Argentina. “In Argentina we hired a team of researchers to generate the topics of the program. Once that was defined, we began to look for experts in other countries: in Mexico, Colombia, the U.S. For example, the brain response to bilingualism was analyzed in laboratories in Houston”, he mentioned. Torres added that the games and surveys that will be seen on the program took place in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, to encourage regional identification with the knowledge.