JP Bommel, president and CEO of Natpe

Natpe: The topic of Natpe Miami 2019 is Shaping Content Together

15 de noviembre de 2018

Natpe Miami will take place from January 22 to 24, 2019 and its topic will be Shaping Content Together, commented JP Bommel, president and CEO of Natpe. He stated that for him it is not just a slogan, but a world call “to come to Miami in January, where we will reach agreements”.

He explained that they are creating sessions, events and meetings, to assure that the barriers between those who create, distribute and monetize the best content of their class worldwide fall.

Additionally, the appointment of George Cheeks and Paul Telegdy from NBC Entertainment as co-chairs was announced. They will make their first presentation on Wednesday January 23.

They will also offer a special event, for the first time led by Tyler Perry and produced by Natpe, titled Viviendo el Sueño: Una Carrera en Contenido, to be held on Monday January 21.

Likewise, they announced the incorporation of three new members to their board of directors, including Susanne Daniels, Global Director of Original Content at YouTube.

Along with the sessions, that will have an international focus, and the ones dedicated to the state of open television, they will cover monetization in the digital era.

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