Diego Piasek and Tomás Yankelevich

NBC buys the rights of Telefe’s Argentinean series Un Año para Recordar
20 de octubre de 2016

The US network NBC purchased the rights for Un Año para Recordar, Argentinean series by Telefe, released in 2011, produced by Underground Producciones, starring Carla Peterson, Gastón Pauls and Rafael Ferro.

The NBC version will be called A Year to Remember and will be produced by Capital Entertainment and Telefe USA.

A Year to Remember will be set in the city of Boston and tells the story of a homicide detective who finds out that his wife is cheating on him. In the middle of a fight because of this, he will kill her by accident. The following day he wakes up and finds that he has gone back in time exactly one year.

This is the first project of the Argentinean channel since it is in the US. Diego Piasek, who reports to Tomás Yankelevich, director of Global Contents at Telefe, is in charge of handling all the negotiations for the local development of Telefe USA. Telefe opened its production office in Los Angeles this year in March.