Patricia Morales, Development and Production director at NBC Universo

NBC Universo: The series El Vato will straightforwardly cover topics concerning all Hispanics in the US

04 de marzo de 2016

Patricia Morales, Development and Production director at NBC Universo, reaffirmed in an interview with PRODU in Los Angeles on the shooting set of the network’s first series, El Vato, by Boomdog and Endemol Shine, that they will continue generating original content relevant for US Hispanics. "This is our first fiction as NBC Universo. We started it a year ago, so we are very excited. It is very important for us because we think it is a unique series and it will speak directly to Hispanics in the US”, said the executive. Morales added: "In this market there might be lots of material coming from Latin America or other parts, but this product is interesting because it is a story about immigration, it is inspirational and about friendship. As Hispanics we all relate to it. They are topics and tones that will attract our audience because we have all gone through the same things”. He highlighted that the production of 10 episodes will straightforwardly cover relevant topics that unite the Hispanic community throughout the US, such as legal and illegal immigration, identity, starting from zero, among others; regardless of the country of origin.