Marcello Coltro, executive producer and SVP of Content & Creative Services at NBCUniversal, and the presenter, Carmen Villalobos

NBCUniversal: The most important original production of the year Escuela Iimparables premieres this Monday 8th
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|05 de noviembre de 2021

This Monday 8 at 10pm is the premiere of the reality show Escuela Imparables in E! Entertainment Latin America, hosted by Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos. The contest show is part of the institutional initiative Voces de E!, which was launched 4 years ago.

Escuela Imparables is a reality show created to empower women by providing them with the necessary tools to establish and develop their own businesses. It’s produced by the production house Motor of Grupo Expansión de México.

“This is the most important original production of the year in terms of delivery. We had a team of more than 150 people in Mexico, we worked with Motor of Grupo Expansión with which we have a delivering partnership with them, not only of the show but also for promotional media in Mexico City,” said Marcello Coltro, executive producer of the show and SVP of Content and Creative Services at NBCUniversal International Networks Latin America, during a press conference that included Villalobos, the 12 contestants on the show and the five mentors.

Coltro said that 100% of the format was a development of NBCUniversal International Networks LatAm and it took them about four months working from the offices in Colombia, Mexico, and Miami and with NBCUniversal Formats in London. The production lasted four weeks in Mexico City.

He hopes that the format will be successful and take it to other regions of the world. The format Drag as Me a Queen, that they developed for E! Brazil has already been produced in two European countries and they are very proud that these women empowerment, diversity, and inclusion projects can bring more opportunities, not only to audiences in Latin America but also around the world. He confirmed that Escuela Imparables will have a second season in 2022 as well as the show Con Carmen hosted by Carmen Aub.

Coltro announced that in December a new format bringing four important top talents will come to the screen of E!