Anthony Wood CEO of Roku

Netflix and Roku shares move after rumor of possible purchase
15 de junio de 2022

During the afternoon of Wednesday, June 8th, the US media Business Insider reported that according to Roku workers, Netflix would be in negotiations to acquire the streaming player company. However, it is no secret to anyone that what Netflix would be looking for in this move would be the advertising business that has worked very well for Roku, in which the company Gato Grande has announced that it will enter very soon.

The rumor comes directly from Roku workers, who were blocked from buying or selling shares of the company they work for. This usually happens when companies are in this type of negotiations so that employees with inside information cannot take advantage of that information for their personal benefit.

What many analysts see from this news is that it may be speculation to raise the value of the shares of both companies, which are at their lowest levels in recent years, although other specialists in the matter see the rumor as something highly possible.
At the end of the day, what has happened with Netflix and Roku, who haven't spoken to each other about the matter, is that their shares rose at the close of the market on Wednesday 8. Roku's share closed 8% above the previous day and reached up to 12% higher. For their part, Netflix's shares rose 4% with the news of the purchase of Roku, but at the close of the market, they were only 2% above the previous day.

For the closing of the market on Thursday the 9th, and seeing that none of those involved in the matter made any statement to affirm or deny said negotiation, the shares dropped, Roku 9% and Netflix 4%.