Netflix picks Founders for global launch of The Witcher, season 2
03 de enero de 2022

Founders, the independent agency headed by Tanya De Poli and Checha Agost Carreño, together with its partner By the Network, led the launch of the global campaign of The Witcher by Netflix, one of the most looked forward to series of the year on the streaming platform. The campaign covers 400 markets.

The first season of The Witcher was one of the most-watched Netflix series in its history, with 76 million viewers, topped only by Bridgerton in 2020 and Squid Games in 2021.

The agency was chosen following a global pitch in which some of the world’s most prestigious agencies competed. The launch included creative assets on 3D screens in 10 countries around the world, including one in Times Square, New York, and one 3D experience of 560 m² in Bangkok, Thailand. It also works in out-of-home digital activations, augmented reality filters and stunts for fans, among other touchpoints around the world.

As par t of the campaign, the agency worked on the production of giant snowballs full of Myriapods (a monster of the series), with a presence in 18 markets around the world, from Buenos Aires and Milan to London and Russia. It imitates Christmas but in the Witcher style, so that fans might enjoy the Witchmas Season.

The global campaign is on view in more than 400 markets around the world, with a creative line-up across the five continents, sharing ads and creating a single message to launch Season 2.

Tanya De Poli (founder & COO de Founders), who led this global launch, said, “From watching Netflix every night to having the chance to head this global campaign for one of the brands I most admire, with an incredible team both on the client side and on the By The Network side is one of the highlights of my career. It was a great honor to work with so many excellent teams around the world to achieve this.”

BTN founder Per Pedersen said, “I’m very proud that Netflix chose By The Network to handle the global campaign for The Witcher, and as a fan of the series I’m doubly proud to have carried out this launch in such an unexpected, creative way.”

“We all love a good fantasy like The Witcher, but it’s the human part behind the adventure and the action that makes it really special. It’s the humanity of the global BTN team and Netflix that shows behind the brilliant ideas that we proudly see taking on life around the world. It has been an honor and a privilege to direct the strategy for this launch,” added Alma Berruecos, head of Business Insights at Founders.