Carlos Blanco, an analyst of Dataxis, explained that OTT services continue growing

Netflix has approximately 80% of LatAm´s market
Miryana Márquez|31 de julio de 2020

Carlos Blanco, an analyst of Dataxis, explained that OTT services continue growing. “We are still in a context in which Netflix is the dominant service in the market; although Amazon is growing very rapidly, we are still awaiting the arrival of Disney and HBO's new proposal". 

He assured that as soon as they enter, these two players are going to have a challenge in Latin America, because, since Netflix has its prices in a local currency, with the devaluation in different markets, its price is lower than in the US.

Netflix has approximately 80% of the market in Latin America and the remaining 20% is distributed among dozens of platforms like Claro video, Amazon, and others.

Although SVODs have greater entrance than AVODs, the strongest of these players "continues to be YouTube, which concentrates the largest amount of users and entries". New players like Pluto TV, "that are in a bit of a strange moment in which investments have been withdrawn".

Blanco feels that since the AVOD services are free, they should work out all right, but is not sure that this factor is sufficient to achieve successful results in Latin America. "The landscape is different in the US where there is a saturation of the SVOD services" that users must pay.

“In Latin America, we are far from that” and even more so if we add the shared user accounts and piracy with which the Latin American audience accesses these contents priced at a marginal cost.