Claudia Llosa: The film will depict the love and fear that surrounds maternity through a complex feminine prism.

Netflix: The film Distancia de Rescate is an international collaboration to be directed by Claudia Llosa

18 de diciembre de 2018

The awarded director Claudia Llosa will direct Distancia de Rescate, a Netflix film based on the homonymous novel by the Argentinean author Samanta Schweblin, who co-wrote the script with Llosa.

It will be produced by the Oscar and Emmy winner, Mark Johnson and Tom Williams from Gran Via Productions, who will work jointly with the production company Fábula, owned by the brothers Juan de Dios and Pablo Larraín (Una Mujer Fantástica). The production is scheduled to start shootings in Chile at the beginning of 2019.

Set in a calm rural community in Argentina, Distancia de Rescate tells the disturbing story of broken souls, environmental and spiritual catastrophes that are approaching and the ties that link a mother with her son.

“I am very happy to shoot again in South America and very grateful with Netflix for receiving this project with enthusiasm from the beginning. I feel I couldn´t have had better travel partners for this project, one that talks about a local problem that affects the whole world,” commented Llosa.

“We are very happy to work with Claudia Llosa, Mark Johnson and Fábula”, said Ian Bricke, co-director of the team of independent films in Netflix. “They are extremely talented creators and we believe Distancia de Rescate is a story that will connect with our members worldwide. This film is truly an international collaboration: we have an Argentinean story, shot in Chile and, made by a Peruvian director, in a partnership with a US production company. Additionally, it is a clear example of our constant effort in giving creators a platform to connect with lovers of cinema worldwide.”