Francisco Ramos has been in Netflix for 13 months. He used to be an independent producer in Spain

Netflix: The goal is to have a monthly series in Mexico for 2020
Maye Albornoz|08 de febrero de 2019

Francisco Ramos, VP, Original International Contents at Netflix, assured that 2019 is a key year for the platform, when they expect to increase between 200% and 400% the number of productions in LatAm and Spain until they reach their “ambition per country” in 2020, with a production per month in markets like Mexico.

“The investment in LatAm is in a moment of growth. We have excellent results and the reception of our products in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and, in general, in all the countries has been wonderful. 2019 is a very important year, we will increase production in each territory,” stated Ramos.

In Colombia he highlighted Siempre Bruja, made by Caracol´s production company for Netflix; also Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares; Frontera Verde, by Dynamo, directed by Ciro Guerra, among others. In Argentina, he mentioned Puerta 7 and Go!, a children´s series.

In Mexico, Club de Cuervos, the first international original series; Historia de un Crimen: Colosio; the second season of La Casa de las Flores, created by Manolo Caro; as well as Yankee and El Club, both produced by Argos. In Brazil, new seasons of Samantha; 3%, O Mecanismo and Coisa Mais Linda, that has its debut on March 22. In 2019 they will launch approximately 30 titles in Spanish between LatAm and Spain.

Ramos explained that they are betting on the production companies in each territory so that stories are authentic and have the local flavor: “The partners we work with most successfully are the ones who bring good ideas, who know how to produce, that talk to the country: what concerns them, what amuses them, what makes them cry and think; stories that resonate locally.” As for genres, he stated that comedy and drama are what allow them to reach people´s heart faster, however: “The way to respond to our member´s loyalty is offering them a bit of everything”.