Erik Barmack, International Originals VP at Netflix

Netflix: We are very excited to announce a general agreement with Álex Pina
17 de julio de 2018

Netflix announced a global agreement with the Spanish producer and scriptwriter Álex Pina, one of the minds behind the successful series La Casa de Papel. With this agreement, Pina will produce an exclusive new series and projects for Netflix globally.

"We are very excited to be able to make this announcement and to be able to work together with such a talented creator and production team. We are certain that Álex will continue crossing borders with his unique vision to tell stories, reaching a global audience,” expressed Erik Barmack, International Originals VP at Netflix, in a statement.

Pina is the founder of the production company Vancouver Media and also the creative behind other successful Spanish series such as Vis a Vis, El Barco, and Los Hombres de Paco.

“Working together with Netflix is a dream come true in the exact moment. At a moment when series are becoming one of the most relevant cultural movements," expressed Pina, who states that the challenge nowadays is to reach the whole planet and to try to reverse the predominance of big Anglo Saxon fiction industries.