Diego Luna and Ted Sarandos during the chat México en el Escenario Global

Netflix: We have 50 projects in different stages in Mexico
14 de febrero de 2019

The Netflix Forum held for the first time in Mexico City, gathered the creative community, talents, and executives to talk about entertainment trends, best practices and the platform´s plans in the country. Ted Sarandos, executive director of Contents, assured that they have 50 projects in different production stages in that market, which include original content and co-productions to debut between 2019 and 2020, and also announced the opening of an office in Mexico City in upcoming months.

He highlighted the importance of the Mexican market for the platform, based on the talent, in front of and behind cameras, of their collaborators and partners. He confirmed four local films currently in different development stages: Como Caído del Cielo, a musical comedy inspired in the songs by the iconic Mexican singer Pedro Infante, starring Omar Chaparro and Ana Claudia Talancón, written and directed by Pepe Bojórquez; Fondeados, with Marcos Bucay in his debut as director and writer of feature films; Se Busca Papá, produced by Corazón Films; and Ahí Te Encargo, written by Leonardo Zimbrón and Tiaré Scanda and produced by Traziende Films.

Likewise, he mentioned Río Grande, Río Bravo, a project comprised of five short films with Gael García Bernal as executive producer. The new original Mexican series include Los Corruptores, based on the homonymous novel by Jorge Zepeda Patterson, and the teenage series Sofía H., both produced by Lemon Films; Bandidos, produced by Leonardo Zimbrón and created by Alejandro Brugues and Esteban Orozco; El Club, produced by Argos, created by Camila Ibarra and a thriller, still untitled, produced by The Immigrant, with the executive production of Camila Jiménez and Silvana Aguirre.

Other project that will start shooting in 2019 include Selena: La Serie, Based on the life of Selena Quintanilla and produced by Campanario; the second season of La Casa de las Flores by Manolo Caro; and American Jesus, based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar and produced by the brothers Leopoldo and Everardo Gout.