Group of talents with Trece's new image

New era begins at Azteca with a reality show, a bold telenovela and a new name for its star-studded channel: Trece
26 de agosto de 2014

Rodrigo Fernández, general director of Azteca 13 and 7, opens a new era in the history of the company, by placing for the first time on Mexican television a reality show to compete against a Televisa telenovela in the 7pm time slot Monday through Friday. Fernández’s strategy, which officially began on Monday 18th in primetime, comes with a new name and look for Azteca 13, which from now on becomes just Trece. "The reality show is called Soy Tu Doble. It promises a good performance, with the participation of high caliber of artists to be impersonated by competitors. “It’s not about imitating, but becoming a double, becoming the artist him or herself,” said Roberto Romagnoli, Director of Entertainment of Azteca, during the presentation of the channel’s original reality. Also premiering on Monday at the 8pm was Las Bravo, the story about a family that inherits a debt and an all-male exotic dancer club. “It’s a historic moment in Mexican TV; it’s the strategy of our director Rodrigo Fernández," said Romagnoli. In January of 2011, when Fernández was general director of Azteca 7, he changed the image of channel 7 and renamed it "El 7," but senior management decided to keep the traditional Azteca 7 brand untouched. Now, three and a half years later, they have given him the green light and all the support to the rebranding plan the young executive designed for the company’s main channel.