Kelly Wright will be the director of the new office

New Keshet International office in Mexico will produce for Latin America and Hipanic market in the US
12 de enero de 2017

Keshet International opened an office in Mexico to expand their production capabilities in Latin America and the Hispanic market in the US. Mexico was chosen for the talent they have their and their closeness to the US and the main markets in the region.

This new office will be directed by Kelly Wright, Sales director for Latin America, and Frank Scheuermann, Chief of Development and Production will lead the team from the foundation and will supervise productions, develop original formats and identify titles from the Keshet catalogue to adapt in Latin America, among other things.

Currently, Keshet MX is hiring personnel for the development and business matters divisions.

“Last year was an excellent year for Keshet in Latin America and that is why launching an office in Mexico was the next step. Mexico is an incredibly mature, open and creative market. There will always be a place for great telenovelas and entertainment, but there is also appetite for more digital content with international flavor,” said Wright.

“By opening Keshet MX we are opening a door to local talent, producers, TV channels and brands to work with us in the production of original content that is fresh and high-quality,” added Scheuermann.

Latin America is an important market for Keshet, which has successfully adapted several of their formats in different countries, as is the case of Rising Star and BOOM! They are also developing fiction with Televisa, Telemundo and recently announced their first co-production with Telefe in Argentina.