Pepe Bastón

New leadership in Televisa San Ángel: Eduardo Clemesha, Antonio Alonso, Roberto Gómez and José Alberto Castro
23 de agosto de 2016

Pepe Bastón, in his meeting with the group of specialized journalists, announced a new leadership team in Televisa San Ángel, where the fiction and entertainment factory is located. First of all, he appointed Antonio Alonso, known as Toño, who has been working together with Bastón for more than 10 years. Toño will lead the strategic, administrative and contracts part and will develop an intelligence team to follow and gather all the content information. The next step was to include the producers Roberto Gómez Fernández, son of Chespirito -known as Boby- and José Alberto Castro, el Güero. They will both be in charge of the creative part, what Televisa calls the art and their mission is to create the company’s innovative culture, aimed at making the most of the different distribution paths that technology offers nowadays. Bastón informed that they had chosen these two filmmakers because they know the telenovela genre very well and because they had already been innovating in the genre for some time. "El Güero proved it with Pasión y Poder, where he broke paradigms a bit. They both know very well the melodrama consumed by homemakers, the most important target in the linear TV and open TV business,” he expressed. And to conclude, he designated Eduardo 'Lalo' Clemesha, to be in charge of everything related with innovation and new projects, along with his role as VP for Formats and New Contents. Jorge Eduardo Murguía, who was formerly in charge of production, will now be responsible for special tasks.