Nicandro Díaz, producer

Nicandro Díaz of Televisa: El Bienamado has touches of magical realism Gabriel García Márquez's style
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|02 de diciembre de 2016

Televisa began forum recordings of its new soap opera El Bienamado, produced by Nicandro Díaz, who described the story as a comedy with touches of magical realism Gabriel García Márquez's style. The show will be broadcasted in Las Estrellas from January 23, at 8pm.

“It’s a simple story with brushstrokes of magical realism, because it’s clear that the scriptwriter has been influenced by authors like Gabriel García Márquez or Juan Rulfo. It’s recorded in 4K and it also includes comedy, covering a little of politics” Díaz said.

El Bienamado is a free version of Kery Fajer from Alfredo de Freitas Dias Gómez’s original story. Salvador Garcini and Ricardo de la Parra will be responsible for scene direction, and the main location will be the magical town of Loreto at Baja California Sur.

Staring Jesús Ochoa, the plot is centered on the life of Odorico, a man who becomes mayor of a small town and who’s main goal is to accomplish his campaign promise: building a cemetery. Additionally, Odorico is lucky enough of having the love of three single sisters with who he has a love affair with all of them, without they knowing about it.