Tatiana Rodríguez, Senior VP at Nickelodeon Group Americas
Nickelodeon and Telefe will coproduce with 360 Powwow and musical producer of Glee, series Kally’s Mashup
19 de mayo de 2017

Nickelodeon Latin America and Telefe announced on Wednesday, May 17 that they signed their first co-production agreement with the executive musical producer of Glee, Adam Anders and 360 Powwow for a new musical series, Kally’s Mashup (60x60´), as Tatiana Rodríguez, SVP of Nickelodeon Group Americas, reported.

Kally’s Mashup, created by Adam Anders —who will also be executive producer— and Antony Falcón, is inspired on the real life and music path of Adam Anders, shown through Kally, 13-year-old musical prodigy, who attends the most prestigious music university to become a pop star.

“To collaborate on this project with the musical genius Adam Anders and 360 Powwow is a true pleasure for Nickelodeon Latin America,” commented Rodríguez. “Since Adam showed us the idea, we couldn´t wait to bring his story to life. We are very excited to have him, together with Daniel Gutman from 360 Powwow, as our partners on this production and we are certain that the series, together with its characters will inspire a wave of Nickelodeon fans to exhibit their talent and follow their dreams.”

Daniel Gutman, CEO of 360 Powwow expressed, “We hope to create a program that deserves sharing the screen with the marvelous original content, created by Nickelodeon Latin America”.

The series will be shot in Telefe´s studios in Buenos Aires —starting in August— and will be launched for the entire region on Nickelodeon Latin America and after on Telefe. Telefe will also have the exclusive distributions rights in Latin America.