Tatiana Rodriguez, SVP of Nickelodeon Group Americas

Nickelodeon Latin America announces its new series Fórmula A produced by Somos Productions
19 de enero de 2017

Nickelodeon Latin America announced its new series, Fórmula A (60x60´), which will be shot in its entirety in Miami and will feature talent from across Latin America.

Fórmula A, which is produced by Somos Productions, will feature new and established pan-regional actors, from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina, among others.

“Nickelodeon has always been innovative with its content, covering a wide-array of genres and topics in its series,” said Tatiana Rodriguez, SVP of Nickelodeon Group Americas. “Fórmula A is a never-before-seen story on Nick, which tells the tale of two charismatic and brave kart racers living their lives to the limit. Without a doubt, the series’ storyline and aesthetic will offer a fresh perspective to this genre and will captivate our audience in Latin America.”

The series created by Carlos Jiménez-Pons, offers a new take on the classic Romeo and Juliet love story, taking it to a racetrack in the East City, where Max and Victoria compete and fall in love despite their family’s rivalry. Due to the recent interest in auto-racing sports, such as Formula One and NASCAR, karting has gained popularity among kids for its high speed and adrenaline-provoking sensation.

Fórmula A begins production in March and is set to premiere pan-regionally in the third quarter of 2017.