David Kenny, Nielsen: Our new Nielsen One multiplatform measurement system will be fully operational for 2024

Nielsen announces Nielsen One 
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|11 de diciembre de 2020

David Kenny, CEO and Chief Diversity Officer announced that by 2024 it's new Nielsen One multiplatform measurement system will be fully operational in response to the demands of the industry. Kenny announced in the context of the virtual event The Future of Media Starts Here.

“Nielsen understands that the audience is everything. That is why we launch a single measurement system that is comparative and complete across all the platforms," mentioned Kenny.

Karthik Rao, COO of Nielsen, gave more details of Nielsen One, highlighting that the system has three main characteristics: resilience, complete coverage, and it has true comparability across all the platforms.

He mentioned that to start testing the new system they already have allies such as Dish, DIRECTV, YouTube, and Vizio.

Nielsen One is a platform based on the cloud (a big data engine based on the cloud) and a single panel (TV, streaming, audio, computer, and mobile).

He explained that the transformation started this year with the change in the digital product and the expansion of the streaming panel and for 2022 the total change in measurements must be completed.

In the event, Luis Di Como, Executive VP of Global Media at Unilever, held a talk with Kenny from Nielsen, in which he expressed that there are only one consumer and one budget. “We need to integrate everything to understand consumers holistically and that way can optimize our budget and ROI (return on investment). Having a single measurement tool helps us accomplish this," said Di Como.