According to the report, adults in the US spend a total of 5 hours and 57 minutes watching videos

Nielsen: Linear TV dominates the visualization time of TV viewers in the US

03 de agosto de 2018

A recent Nielsen report explains that watching linear TV dominates the time of TV viewers in the US. In their Total Audience Report for the first quarter of 2018, it reveals that adults in the US spend a total of 5 hours and 57 minutes watching videos, as opposed to the 5 hours and 46 minutes of the last quarter of 2017.

Despite the increase of access to streaming, adults spent 4 hours and 46 minutes watching television live and delayed, compared to the 46 minutes they spend watching devices connected to a television, 10 minutes on a computer, 10 minutes on smartphones and 5 minutes on tablets.

The report explains that TV programming is so persuasive that even homes that don’t have television are watching it. The percentage of homes that receive SVOD service has grown 64%, compared to 58% a year ago.

Likewise, the report points out that 2.7% of homes are subscribed to multichannel services distributors, such as Sling, DIRECTV Now or Youtube TV.

People age 65 and more spent most of their time using media (60%), watching TV live or delayed. Among adults ages 18 to 34, live and delayed TV represent 26% of visualization, consuming in general 43% of their media on digital devices.

Peter Katsingris, SVP, Audience Statistics at Nielsen comments that consumers can discover in many different ways the content that matters to them, with the ability to choose and personalize the source, device, location and time. “With every passing day, consumers can personalize even more their own use of media in an individualized experience, similar to a DNA of media, each consumer with his complete personalization ability.”