Eric Reid, director of Production, Film, TV and Series, North Films 

North Films: We develop contents for different platforms and Guardia-García is our first series for Canal Once
Vanessa Maldonado|17 de agosto de 2018

Guardia-García is North Films' first production for TV, with Canal Once as the first window. Afterwards, they will seek to reach OTT platforms and international markets, assured Eric Reid, Production, Film, TV and Series director of the Mexican production company, who added that they aim to produce around five films in the next two years.

“We are looking everywhere for projects. We have the expectation to finish five films in the next two or three years, making the first one at the end of this one and have already taken steps for a second. We expect to consolidate big and ambitious projects, both for OTT as well as for TV stations. We have strength, facilities, relations and resources to carry them forward," explained Reid.

The executive highlighted Guardia-García as its first project in series format, which is inscribed in the European detective model: “For a few years now, there has been a hunger for a detective series, but this one is inspired in an international environment. We are inspired in and reflect a European model, and TV stations impose a quality level without making huge expenditures, but caring for the literary aspect."

He added that this product is ideal for the international market, mainly the European one. Therefore, through the international distribution of Canal Once, they will seek to place it in other countries and take it to fairs such as Natpe.

Eric Reid was part of the content division in Cadenatres, after of Imagen TV and he recently joined the North Films team.