Mark Read, CEO of WPP
We Are Surprised by The Resilience in Our Clients´ Expenditure: Mark Read from WPP
29 de septiembre de 2020

Mark Read, CEO of WPP, is surprised over the resilience his clients have had in their expenditure during the pandemic. "We were afraid things would be worse than they have been, but in some sectors, such as technology, CPG products, and healthcare, the expenditure has been maintained" he said during the session titled: Why Doing Good is Good for Business: Advertising in the Covid Environment and Beyond, in the context of Advertising Week, which began virtually this week.

Accompanied by Yonca Dervişoğlu, CMO of Google EMEA, and Tina Daheley, presenter of the BBC; Read said that what is happening outside is not happening online, "so we see growth in e-commerce, in digital advertising, and the companies that have built or have been successful now are the ones that are going to come out of this as winners". Dervişoğlu added that “we are witnessing a decade of acceleration in digital in a period of six months".

Read sees this acceleration in three phases: the first is how to react to what is happening, how to make the appropriate messages, how to communicate them, how to stay safe, how to help, “and how we recover”. “But the most important thing is what we call the renovation phase, thinking about how you are going to have to change your marketing”. He highlighted that each industry is relearning the rules of marketing and “that is why I think clients have kept spending in these times”.