José Luis Cabruja, Ari Evasio from NOT NORMAL Isabel Echeverry from Kontakto, and Charlie Berrizbeitia of NOT NORMAL

NOT NORMAL celebrates 1st year on U.S. Hispanic market
María Carolina Alonso|18 de mayo de 2022

Last Friday on May 13, the multicultural creative production company NOT NORMAL celebrated its first anniversary on the U.S. Hispanic market with a cocktail party for friends and colleagues in the advertising industry.

NOT NORMAL, currently based in Miami and Los Angeles, has distinguished itself as a group of creatives, producers and writers who firmly believe in a sense of unity and family, in a constant search for originality, and in the inclusion of ever more minorities on the group’s list of directors and as members of its team in general.

To get acquainted with the content of a year full of success stories, PRODU spoke with Jose Luis Cabruja, director of Development for Latin America. “The truth is that this has been a spectacular year. It largely topped our expectations since we not only developed projects in Miami but also in L.A., where we have offices as well, while we also took part in some incredible projects in Mexico, Romania, New York, Memphis, not to mention a number of initiatives in LatAm, for brands both inside and outside the United States.”

Among the upcoming projects, Cabruja noted that NOT NORMAL will remain very much focused on positioning the brand within the U.S. market. “We’re entering the American market with emphasis on the message of attracting minorities,” he said. “That is how we’ll show who we are.”

As one of the novelties announced by NOT NORMAL at its anniversary cocktail party on the rooftop of Soho Beach House in Miami Beach was the inclusion of new directors on its roster, some 80 percent of whom are women.

“We’re also opening offices in a couple of other places, which we don’t yet wish to announce but which excite us because they are very large markets,” he added.
He did make it known that their next project will be in Miami at the end of May for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

NOT NORMAL is the new normal
After daring to start operations during the height of the Covid pandemic, NOT NORMAL celebrated its 1st anniversary with a highly positive balance, and with expectations of having positioned itself as a very different operation within the ad industry.

“We produced our first project during the worst days of the pandemic…a commercial for an international cosmetic firm here in Miami. We decided at the time to enter this market because the ad industry never closed here and we saw the opportunity. We then launched this venture in which we represent the renovation of the Hispanic market in the U.S. We are a multicultural creative collective, we target minorities and we are contemporaries of all the creatives currently working in the industry.”

Despite the production company’s little time in the Hispanic market, NOT NORMAL has managed to involve itself fully in the industry, an example of which is that its next project starts this coming June 16 when, together with Circulo Creativo USA, it will display the Hispanic pieces to be entered at the next Cannes festival.

“We’ll get a move on to Cannes from Miami, showing the Hispanic pieces to be entered in the festival, supporting the Circulo Creativo and the ad industry from Miami and L.A.,” Cabruja said.