José Luis Cabruja and Ari Evasio

With NOT NORMAL In The Game, Production in U.S. Will Not Be The Same
02 de febrero de 2021

Ari Evasio and Jose Luis Cabruja have brought their unique experience to the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets equipped with such a very different creative team that they have named the company NOT NORMAL.

Together with their lineup of renowned directors, photographers, artists and collaborators, they have set out to create advertising and entertainment content with innovative formats replete with digital technology and audiovisual engineering (VFXs, VR, AR, Gaming, Robotics) for both the U.S. Hispanic and general markets, while continuing to do so for all their alliances around Latin America and Europe.

Cabruja adds his strength as a former marketing manager and executive producer of his South American production companies, along with the aid of his alliances in the Latin American region. At the same time, award-winning Director Ari Evasio brings all his on-set experience and skill at detecting new talents to direct highly innovative pieces in totally unconventional formats.

In addition to the founding partners, the company has on its team VFX director Miguel Salek, who has worked on such series as Marvel’s Mandalorian and won an Emmy Award for Visual Effects Supervisor. With Salek in the equation, the team will be able to offer innovative advertising experience with an impressive high-tech component.

Its roster of outstanding directors and artists makes NOT NORMAL a not-normal source of creativity that every agency and client will want to take advantage of.