Maryorin Méndez, digital director of

NTN24: The challenge is to leverage on the controversy on social media to promote serious debates
09 de junio de 2021

The challenge that the news networks have regarding the pandemic is to demystify certain ideas that are in the collective, consulting with experts, and giving answers to what causes curiosity or doubts people, according to Maryorin Méndez, digital director of 

During the PRODU Webinar “The digital transformation of news' networks”, Méndez explained that much of the controversy that is generated in social media, although it seems banal or, even, it’s triggered by fake news, can be used to generate opportunities for deep, serious, and professional debates. "The media, which have experience in managing content, can channel people's doubts and become a knowledge valve to steer those debates," she said, after commenting that they have a question box for their users.

She explained how important it is for NTN24 to verify the information they receive, in principle reaching the local source, where the event occurs. "We have had to sacrifice speed or immediacy when publishing since it is important to be certain that the facts are true," she commented, even with the risk of being singled out for self-censorship.

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