María (López) Twena, Chief Marketing Officer of Adsmovil, highlighted that it is the first company’s OTT initiative

Nuestra.TV of Adsmovil debuted at the IAB NewFronts
13 de mayo de 2022

Adsmovil's new free streaming service (AVOD) Nuestra.TV participated for the first time in an IAB NewFronts, this Thursday 5. In its presentation, led by María (López) Twena, Chief Marketing Officer of Adsmovil, she highlighted that it is the first company’s OTT initiative. Adsmovil has 10 years of experience in the Hispanic mobile advertising and digital media market.

Nuestra.TV, that will be available at the end of the second quarter of this year, has more than 40 FAST channels and more than 15,000 hours of premium video on demand (VOD) content that reflects the range and diversity of the Hispanic community. The library of downloadable content includes premier productions (both in Spanish and English) from the US, Latin America, and Spain, as well as original content created for bilingual/bicultural consumers. The service will also offer educational programming and will feature games, podcasts, UCG, live news, and music events.

In addition to Twena, the NewFronts presentation included Adriana Daantje, VP of Product, Presales, and Operations, and Andrew Polsky, Chief Revenue Officer.

"With Nuestra.TV we are in a unique position to offer Hispanics who left the cable channels an inclusive and authentic platform, with culturally and linguistically relevant, informative and engaging content," said Alberto Pardo, president, and CEO of Nuestra.TV in a statement.