Mónica Marulanda

Monica Marulanda of alma: We use our diverse talents to create messages of social impact
28 de julio de 2021

TheUnmute Your Voice campaign for Pepsi was created for the purpose of showing the community of young people in the U.S. the power of using their own voices to promote positive change.

Monica Marulanda, executive creative director at alma, said that one of her agency’s goals has been to highlight cultural moments in an authentic way. “That’s why our objective day by day has been to use our diverse talents to create messages of social impact.”

One of the key elements of the campaign’s success was its combination with the historic moment the country was going through. “Limited and frustrated by the pandemic, but also by the social situations, we found an insight that represented all that in a powerful icon: the mute button, which also has a connection with youngsters through music.”

Alma has a relation of trust with its Pepsi client, which according to Marulanda permits agency and client to work together on projects with emotional appeal and high visibility like this one.

In UnmuteYour Voice, the agency found ways to use and take advantage of technological elements that were back in daily life by that time. Development of the mute button allows an organic level of entry to video and audio platforms where it takes on a leading role and triggers new experiences.”

The statements by Monica Marulanda form part of the Special Report on Creativityentitled The Creativity Multicultural Agencies Show Powerful Resilience in a Difficult Market, an editorial study by PRODU, Círculo Creativo USA and HMC.