Marigold campaign by Ogilvy Mexico and Victoria Beer recall those who have died and gone before us
26 de octubre de 2022

Victoria Beer & Ogilvy Mexico presented their new campaign Marigold: We are live offerings. This year’s concept includes an audio-sensual experience at the Monument to the Mother in Mexico City, plus multiple alliances and a four-minute film celebrating the Day of the Dead in a very emotional yet positive way.

“We keep building the brand on this terrain. The benchmark gets higher all the time. This is a special campaign, different from the previous ones, since we’re in a post-pandemic stage and wish to reflect people’s attitude about death. We are live offerings shows that we have embedded the memory of our dear ones within us,” said Veronica Hernandez, CEO of Ogilvy Mexico.

Marigold: We are live offerings tells three stories born of the idea that we are the living reminders of those who have died and gone before us, which in turn explains what we are today.

In that regard, Ogilvy Business Team Leader Pilar Troconis said they want people to identify with this campaign as a part of their lives. “People look forward to seeing this campaign every year. Now we’re thinking about mounting a number of Victoria Film Festivals. That goes beyond a simple commercial – it’s a film that gives people the cold shivers so they come out in goose bumps. Folks can see themselves reflected in these stories,” she said.

The stories of this campaign tell of the long awaited visit of all those who have gone forward on the road of the departed, but after just one night were turned back by the buzzing wings of a small humming bird. Their one-night visit remains in their hearts and in their memories for a long time, with the marigold blossom bearing the seeds of love to them.

Juan Pablo Balcazar, Marco Garcia, Belem Rodriguez and Alejandro Junco were the creative directors of this campaign. In that regard, Garcia said ”it’s a campaign we put our hearts and souls into, guided by the culture and context. Death continues to acquire different meanings throughout the country. We always remember our dear ones and that makes us a live offering.”

To which Creative VP Diego Rodriguez added, “Iconic brands spring from the same culture. We wanted to provide entertainment and tell a story in a style that any consumer could enjoy.”

Finally, Yune Aranguren, director of Victoria Beer in the Modelo Group, noted that it’s an honor to work with Ogilvy every day and recalled that this is a relation that has gone on for five years now.

“We wanted to have experiences and also make a film that shows we can never forget what we have lived and lost over the past years and that our dear ones have left a mark that allows us to be a live offering. We continue here and we remember them, whether through a gesture, a favorite dish or a facial expression,” she said.