Marlon Quintero from CIC Media and Juan José Artero from Hitsbook: A community of 65.000 people who generate almost 10.000 videos
Oh, My Pet TV! on Pluto TV
Cynthia Plohn|20 de noviembre de 2020

Oh, My Pet TV! was recently launched on Pluto TV. It is a channel dedicated to pet lovers, with programming created by CIC Media based on content generated by users. The collection of the videos is supported by the technology developed by Hitsbook Studios.

“The size of the global pet care market exceeds US$131.7 million, representing millions and millions of people who look for and have fun watching this type of content on all platforms. That is why we have designed a universe of options around the brand and have a presence not only on Pluto TV or through our online platform, but also through short content available on our YouTube channel and our half-hour or one-hour content available on platforms such as Amazon or on several TV channels. We currently have a community of around 65,000 people who generate almost 10,000 videos. The website had 5 million video views and shows double-digit growth," explained Marlon Quintero, General Director of CIC Media, and Juan José Artero, founder and CEO of Hitsbook.

In addition to Oh My Pet!, they have generated content for babies and comedy. Likewise, they have two entertainment formats available on the market, Match Me If You Can, a dating show with online casting that allows interaction among participants and the audience, and the talent show Yo Te Reto. They are currently in negotiations for both formats.