Aurora Bacquerie, VP of Channel Relations, Olympusat

Olympusat adds Spanish-language new channels to its Vemox TV Everywhere app

21 de julio de 2016

Olympusat, Inc. has added new live TV channels to its robust lineup for its Vemox OTT multiscreen turnkey solution. The Vemox TV Everywhere app gives customers the ability to watch more than 150 linear channels in Spanish and English, along with over 20,000 hours of on-demand exclusive content, an unrivaled library that is rapidly expanding. “As we get closer to launch this platform with several companies in the U.S., Vemox has been expanding its reach within the Hispanic community, delivering high-quality content at low cost. Adding these new channels widens our offerings and provides our customers with a greater variety of channels to watch and share,” stated Aurora Bacquerie, VP of Channel Relations, Olympusat. The legacy channels include Aliento Visión, Canal TEN de Honduras, Canal 10 de Cancún, Canal 13 de Chile, Canal 44 de Juárez, C7 Jalisco, Hot TV, Dominican View, Cable Noticias, Enlace Juvenil, Life Design TV, Orbita TV, RT en Español, Rumba TV, TV Agro, Señal de Vida, Súper Canal, TBN Enlace, Tele El Salvador, Tele Nostalgia, Televén América, Tu Inglés TV and TV Chile. The new channels Vemox added are Esperanza TV, France 24, Latin Angels, Mega TV, NatureVision TV, Nuevo Tiempo, Shema TV, Novo Tiempo, Show Business TV and Tarima TV.