Some of the best works in Mexican cinema will air on 6 of Olympusat’s networks

Olympusat celebrates Cinco de Mayo highlighting the best of Mexican cinema and culture

03 de mayo de 2016

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Olympusat, Inc. will highlight a variety of culturally relevant {programming;}, taking viewers on a journey, connecting them to their roots and heritage. Some of the best works in Mexican cinema will air on 6 of Olympusat’s networks. In addition to award-winning films, the audience will also be able to watch movies that examine Mexico’s history, people, culture, national identity, and scenic landscapes. From drama to thrillers, from romance to comedy, the slate features a wide range of genres, as well as a slew of talented actors, writers, producers and directors represented. “Olympusat is deeply committed to offering a rich diversity of programming that is both entertaining and educational. Olympusat’s leading role in the Spanish-language television industry, as well as our strong bonds with Hispanic audiences, inspire us to honor traditional Mexican culture, and the vast contributions of Mexican Americans to the United States. Today, we are proud to present a thoughtful collection of films that viewers might not find anywhere else, as we do all year round,” said Arturo Chávez, SVP of Hispanic Networks, a Mexican-born leading expert on Spanish-language films in the U.S. market. Inside Olympusat’s family of Spanish-language networks, Ultra Docu, Ultra Cine, Ultra Mex, Ultra Fiesta, Gran Cine and Cine Mexicano will each have their own special lineup in the afternoon, evening and night time-slots, with a wonderful array of movies, documentaries and music videos. The first one, Temporada de Zopilotes, airs on Ultra Docu Thursday, May 5th at 1:15pm. Another highlight is an action-urban film titled La Hummer y el Camaro Azul (2013), presented by Cine Mexicano at 7pm.