Austin Powers, president of Olympusat Telecom

Olympusat Launches 40+ channels on Mediacom & Choice Cable utilizing OT Express
05 de diciembre de 2013

Olympusat has launched 40+ channels on Choice Cable and Mediacom utilizing OT Express, a point-to-point content delivery solution, enabling them to broadcast SD and HD Spanish-language content in the United States and Puerto Rico. OT Express, a cost-effective solution of Olympusat Telecom, is a robust end-to-end content distribution service that can help deliver large volumes of SD and HD content at a high quality level with lower bandwidth requirements, compared to standard satellite technologies. This new delivery system permits operators, such as Mediacom and Choice Cable, to integrate their existing systems without any interruption to their current workflow through OT Express' advanced technology and convenient monitoring and management tools. "Olympusat offers distributors flexible content solutions, as well as a rich suite of Spanish Language TV brands. Through our leading content delivery solution, OT Express, Olympusat is able to provide our distributor partners with a unique and effective transport of Olympusat's content," said Nick Febrizio, SVP of Distribution, Olympusat, Inc. "We are excited to help provide our partners with a solution that both enhances and manages their content allowing for advanced video delivery at a cost-effective rate. In addition to offering OT Express as a solution for receiving Olympusat's content, the OT Express solution is available to any distributor and their respective content needs," added Austin Powers, president of Olympusat Telecom.