Albert J. Estrada, Chief Content Officer of Olympusat
Olympusat offers private OTT with about 100 Spanish-language HD channels
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de abril de 2014

Olympusat offers a bundle of about 100 Spanish-language channels with a video IP strategy that places content on the cloud, which may be a panacea to overcome the current barriers that prevent many pay-TV operators in the U.S. from offering greater content to Hispanic subscribers. “There are about 55.5 million Latinos in the U.S. and only 4.5 million have access to the Hispanic packages offered by pay-TV. This does not reflect the potential and the needs of the market. That is why we’ve decided to support cable operators and provide them with a more viable solution,” said Albert J. Estrada, Chief Content Officer of Olympusat. These 100 channels –the company currently has 80 channels, between owned and represented-, will be ready to be distributed via cable, telco, satellite or the cloud. “Over The Top is here to stay,” he added. Estrada said four operators in the U.S. and three in Latin America are already using this service. “It’s a kind of private Over The Top, that complements what is offered by the operator,” he added. Some of the most recent channels to join this service include Mexican regional signals such as Channel 10 of Cancún, Channel 44 of Juárez and Channel 7 of Guadalajara, as well as HMX, a Mexican channel for men. These are also joined by the three Box Brasil channel Prime Box Brasil, Music Box Brasil and Travel Box Brasil, all in HD.