Jesús Piñango, Strategic Content Director at Olympusat

Olympusat: Our first film, Monserrate ¿Como en el Cerro? will be launched in October at Bogocine, the Bogota festival

Jaime Quintero, Cartagena|10 de marzo de 2017

“We will present in Cartagena the trailer of our first film, Monserrate ¿Como en el Cerro?, a co-production between Olympusat and the Colombian filmmaker and director Famor Botero (Famor Pictures), with a cast of Colombian stars, including Angélica Blandón,” said Jesús Piñango, Strategic Content Director at Olympusat, in the context of Andina Link 2017.

“Our department is in charge of distribution and this is already in negotiations,” added the executive, pointing out that this romantic comedy is currently in post-production and will be launched in October, at Bogocine, the Bogota festival. He also mentioned Azúcar y Sal as another film that is to be launched soon.

“The Original Productions team, led by Yeshuah Castillo, is taking care of finding the talent and co-production possibilities in diverse territories, in the aim to present each film in the directors’ or casts’ countries of origin. At the same time, we will introduce in Latin America our OTT platform Vemox, with more than 100 channels and 30 thousand hours of video,” completed Piñango.