Tom Mohler, CEO, Olympusat Holdings

Olympusat: Scripted content is what’s most powerful for VOD

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|30 de octubre de 2018

Olympusat is investing more and more in scripted content.

"Undoubtedly, VOD has the most power, it is what people seek the most. In linear TV it is a mix of news, sports, talk shows, game shows, reality shows, and other shows. That is one side of the coin, that fundamentally dominates linear channels. And the other half of the linear channels, in my opinion, is scripted content” said Tom Mohler, CEO of Olympusat Holdings.

Mohler highlighted that novels as content are in transition. He considers that this genre -perhaps not in the next five years but in the next ten years-, will have decreased a lot. "Why? because people want to see higher quality programs. I am not discrediting novels per se, but when you compare them in general with a weekly fiction format, these are of much better quality” he pointed out.

He adds that one of the problems with novels is that OTT can be accessed just as easily as the audience watches a novel on their favorite channel. "That's what I think has been making things worse, a lot of competition at the same schedule when novels are broadcasted, unlike five or ten years ago," said Mohler.

Asked about the industry’s future challenges, he said that, from his point of view as a programming provider, getting relevant scripted content, integrating local content, is an important challenge.