Martín Altomaro and Ana Claudia Talancón, stars of the mini-series
Once TV México debuts mini-series Soy tu Fan
13 de septiembre de 2011

Once TV México, a unit of Instituto Politécnico Nacional, is debuting its new series, Soy tu Fan (I’m Your Fan), a coproduction between Once TV México and Canana Films, which provides an innovative and unique twist on the contemporary romantic comedy. The series will air on Once TV México’s international broadcast feed beginning Wednesday, September 28, at 9pm PT/ 12 midnight ET, with special encore broadcasts on Sundays at 10 p.m. PT/1 a.m. ET. Soy tu Fan stars Ana Claudia Talancón (Ladies Night) as Charly García, a part-time marketing assistant and part-time student who recently broke-up with her long-term boyfriend Julián, portrayed by Oswaldo Benavides (La que No Podía Amar). Charly’s humor and intelligence is countered by her clumsiness and vulnerability, and is completely unaware of her own beauty, all of which makes her even more appealing to Nicolás Cruz, played by Martín Altomaro (Como Ama Una Mujer). Over the 13 week series, Soy tu Fan examines the complexities and frailties of all of life’s relationships, including those between men and women, parent and child, siblings and friends. Based on the Argentinian mini-series of the same name, Soy tu Fan is executive produced by Pablo Cruz and Constanza Novick, who also serves as writer for the series along with Dolores Fonzi who created and starred in the original mini-series. Diego Martínez Ulanosky (MTV: Diary of Taboo) is general producer for the series, with Diego Luna (Abel), Ana Claudia Talancón, Gael García Bernal, Geminiano Pineda and Jorge Mondragón serving as producers. The series’ episodes are directed by Álvaro Hernández, Mariana Chenillo (Revolución) and Gerardo Naranjo (Miss Bala).