Rafael Lugo, director of Once TV Mexico

Once TV Mexico: With series like Paramedicos we create our own catalogue and appeal internationally
23 de agosto de 2012

Once TV Mexico and Lemon Films presented their first co-produced series Paramedicos based on real facts in which the network hopes to solidify its new adult audience, and also build its own catalogue of original productions that can be sold internationally. “Since Canal Once has coproduced series of this kind, we’ve transformed our audience, which was dominated by kids. Now the biggest demographic is between 19 and 39 years of age” said Rafael Lugo, director of Once TV Mexico. “Paramedicos already has purchase promises from various countries, without even having offered it”. The story takes place in the rescue of the Cruz Roja Mexicana in Mexico City. The cast includes Irene Azuela, Raul Méndez and Rocio Verdejo. Paramedicos, which was written by Sandra Garcia and produced by Fernando Rovzar, Rigoberto Castañeda and Urtzi Alejandre of Lemon Films airs Thursday August 30 at 10:30pm. The show consists of 13 episodes and the first episode will be available on Once TV’s video on-demand and on YouTube.