María Eugenia Muci, director of Production of Onceloops: We hope to be giving green light soon to begin pre-production and, therefore, production

Onceloops Media opens shop in Miami
17 de marzo de 2021

A reality show and two fictions for large platforms are Onceloops Media's production plans for this year. The projects, created in the pandemic, led them to open a new office in Miami.

María Eugenia Muci, director of Production at Onceloops, talked about her plans in #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra.

“We hope to be giving green light soon to begin pre-production and, therefore, production. We were fortunate that (the projects) were managed during the pandemic. We are opening an office in Miami with Sebastián and Nicolás Mellino. We want to be closer to Mexico, which is strategic, and closer to Colombia as well. There are wonderful and great things for Onceloops this year,” said María Eugenia, who was introduced by Ríchard as “one of those people who are fundamental to the success of any project or company, since she organizes, plans, manages the staff with wisdom and tact, but also knows very well the processes of generating content from scratch, and also selling them.”

With 11 years since its inception, Onceloops focuses on three business units: Onceloops Records, which promotes, together with WarnerMusic Argentina, emerging artists; Onceloops Producciones, which generates the content and, most recently, Onceloops Distribución.

“What is interesting is that each area has its own manager and all three coexist at the same time without any of them being affected. In distribution we have increased our catalog and we are super happy supporting producers from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia; We have been helping them little by little so that their content travels and does not stay only in their countries,” said María Eugenia, with 20 years as a producer, career she began at Vale TV in her native country, Venezuela.

“I think that content has its moment, its time, and its space. This year, the entertainment formats that unite the family, or the stories where parents and children sit down to watch and identify with, are on the rise. But let's not forget that platforms and large production companies are dragging in 2021 productions that were not made in 2020; therefore, the purchase of new projects must wait a reasonable time for the platforms to be able to release all that accumulated production to look for new content. I am very sure that all the stories that are being cooked will soon have a screen.” She truly believed this and has shared it with the producers so they wouldn't despair in their content placement.

“I believe that to achieved something you have to dream about it, visualize it and work hard with perseverance for it. This is a race of endurance, not of speed. So, little by little, with effort and dedication, and above of all with patience, without a doubt we can all be able to see the content on the screen, especially the content that has a message, that gives hope and love. Onceloops always goes hand in hand with that kind of content”.

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