About 20% of people who cord cut attribute it to online video options

Online video options are not the most significant reasons for cord-cutting
28 de junio de 2012

About 70% of people who cancel their cable services attribute it to cost cutting while 20% cite online video viewing methods, according to the latest data from GfK Media's Home Technology Monitor Report. This would imply that online video options are not the most significant drivers of “cord-cutting”. "So, if people without pay TV aren't necessarily flocking online, what are they doing?" he asks. "With the completion of the digital TV (DTV) transition, homes now have access to an enhanced digital broadcast signal providing much better video and audio quality" wrote GfK researcher David Tice. "Another benefit of digital broadcasting is that homes also have over-the-air access to numerous digital side channels, offering a variety of programming in addition to the main broadcast channels”.