Gonzalo Sagardía, the co-founding partner at Onza Partners and current CEO of Onza Entertainment

Onza Entertainment continues betting on Spain´s multiscreen
Aliana González, Mexico City|19 de diciembre de 2019

Gonzalo Sagardía, the co-founding partner at Onza Partners and current CEO of Onza Entertainment, commented they are finishing the production of the second season of Pequeñas Coincidencias, for Amazon Spain. “The first season, that was also aired on Antena 3, is the first series in which we put multiscreen into operation in Spain, with the aim for producers, in this case, us and our partners at Medio Limón and Atresmedia Studios, to be able to retain intellectual property. We want to continue exploring that line and hope we can make a third season," he said.

Sagardía commented that they are developing a very interesting thriller, also with the multiscreen business model, for which they already have 60% of the financing, and have interested investing partners. "The project, which I cannot reveal more details of, is being evaluated by an international studio with headquarters in Madrid that will enter as co-producer. We are additionally working on an original for Amazon and starting the development of another series with very good international packaging for an operator. I regret not being able to reveal more information, but we have confidentiality contracts that do not allow us to. We also have another development contract with a studio in Latin America to make a more global series," he said.

He highlighted that the collaboration with Hernán, made with Dopamine, has been a great experience. “We want to continue producing with Latin America, where there are interesting stories," he emphasized.