Luis Miguel Messianu
This Is Not A Marketing Opportunity, Luis Miguel Messianu of alma
Liz Unamo|01 de abril de 2020

“This is not a marketing opportunity” said Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman and CEO of Alma, in a wake-up call to brands and people in the marketing industry.

Messianu was reflecting on the challenges the industry faces due to the coronavirus pandemic, in the webinar promoted by Hispanic Star in Action and hosted by Claudia Romo Edelman.

“We must be able to become support agents, not just be a brand that raises its hand to say ‘Present,’” Messianu said, adding that the original uncertainty caused by the crisis must give way to empathy. “It’s time to do things like taking care of employees and clients and applying creativity in a different way to benefit the world,” he said. “Brands have a mission to be a part of our lives, but they must behave in a responsible way."

Purchasing habits have also changed. “Consumers are eager to hear what they (brands) are doing. There have been great examples: Tesla stands out because it was the first automobile manufacturer to change its production line to make hospital ventilators…McDonald’s is giving medical personnel free coffee…Delta is transporting medical personnel for free," he said.

With regard to the Hispanic population in the U.S., she highlighted its strengths: versatility and resilience. "In most countries we are the children of crises who must face devaluations along with political and social turmoil. Crisis is part of our DNA but we are resilient. For us, new beginnings are the norm. New beginnings after devaluation, after a national disaster, and as immigrants after we had to leave everything behind and start anew."

Messianu closed he talk speaking of the need to stay strong, positive and reset our post-coronavirus world “to do things better, get back to basics in certain aspects of our lives, to focus on compassion and on what makes us significant as human beings…and as brands, of course."