Technology shouldn't be treated as a trend

OPINION- Josué González From McCann Worldgroup: People First, Then Technology

19 de mayo de 2017

Let's make an app!, who hasn't heard this in the middle of a meeting in the last few years? I have in many where it seems that the solution to all of a brand's marketing problems is the creation of an application.

And to make things worse, when it finally seems that the app fever is starting to go down, a new more improved and advanced fever pops u: bots, IoT, AR, VR, AI… or is it that no one has told you, what will be our Pokémon Go?

The truth is we have let ourselves be dragged by the tech trend of the moment, without asking ourselves if it truly generated an impact on the creatures who must at the end of the day adopt them: people.

the argument should stem from “we need a bot” but from “how can we play a more significant role in people's lives? —helping them, inspiring them, captivating them— making their lives definitely easier."

Technology shouldn't be treated as a trend, unrelated with the brand and its consumers, but as an intrinsic element of our marketing efforts, going from a relationship focused on the interaction between brands and people, to an ecosystem that considers the symbiosis between brands, people and technology.

We must understand that marketing, the same as species, evolves developing changes in our behavior, and at that moment when technology is one of the aspects that affects most how we change our behavior.

That is why we must spend more time determining what the problem or the need to be solved is, to after apply the technology that can help us generate the adequate solution and not the other way around.

*By: Josué González, Chief Digital Officer at McCann Worldgroup Latin America and the Caribbean.