The campaign Asi Somos, shows in what a different way Latinos celebrate the end-of-year holidays

Orcí Advertising Celebrates Christmas with Honda

Liz Unamo|27 de noviembre de 2018

Orcí Advertising, with its Honda campaign Asi Somos, shows in what a different way Latinos celebrate the end-of-year holidays, about which PRODU spoke with Senior VP and Creative Production Director Allen Perez and Senior VP and Creative Director Juan Jose Quintana, along with Milagro Films Director Luciano Quilici.

“We Latinos celebrate the holidays more and for a longer time than the rest of the population. In contrast, there are a lot of holidays, but very little time to get an offer on a new Honda auto,” Perez said.

According to Quilici, the agency found an effective way to engage consumers at an emotional level and not particularly through the big product benefits. "What I liked a lot about this campaign is that we’re making commercials about the car and at the same time are also making films about the everyday life of the Hispanic community in the U.S. and also in Latin America.” He added that the production company’s freedom to work with the agency was highly beneficial for the project. "Having received some scripts and having the possibility to make suggestions, modify scenes and work as a team, in the way the project was organized, worked out just fine."
The agency has had a relationship with Honda for over 20 years and, according to Juan Jose Quintana, the automaker is very open and cooperative: "Some very dependable elements in our Christmas campaigns have been the humor and the cultural difference that the client perceives when talking to Latinos, and which Honda values very much - which is why the ideas have that humor and Latino insight."