Orci and PS Arts speak to multicultural parents about the importance of arts education
19 de marzo de 2023

Orci just wrapped a project with PS Arts (Public School Arts) where they developed a series of videos to speak to multicultural parents about the importance of pursuing arts education and engagement on behalf of their kids.

The inspiration? Orci had the insight that multicultural parents typically place less focus on arts education and more emphasis around traditional subjects like math and science because they believe this is the most sure-fire way of giving their kids a chance at a better future.

"These videos are a means toward reframing the conversation and demonstrating the power of arts education to create well-rounded kids," said Yendy Rojo, Associate Director of Social Media at Orci who led on strategy. "By sharing stories like we've done, we're able to shed new light on something which previously wasn't spoken about, emphasizing the arts and arts-based education as core avenues for creating confident kids, with solid listening and problem solving skills, too. Our sincere hope is that more multicultural parents will take this to heart and their kids will benefit."
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