Mónica González from Digicel Group: The way of the future will be to ally OTT services with mobile, broadband and open TV

OTT services with broadband, mobile, and open TV
Miryana Márquez|30 de octubre de 2020

Dataxis presented a webinar about the new generation of pay-TV operators that is aggregating not only TV channels but also OTT services. Greg Riker, senior Sales VP for the Americas at Metrological (part of Comcast), commented that it has been complicated to integrate some of these applications in the devices in Latin America. 

However, for him, the tech challenges in the region will gradually decrease. "Integrating the OTT video experience with your traditional live linear experience is very important for monetization, for consumption".

For her part, Mónica González, Content Acquisition Director at Digicel Group, mentioned that set-top boxes can be archaic in Latin America, and for that reason "integration cannot take place in our market so easily". Another of the important points for OTTs is the data "we use to boost our acquisition and strategy".

Likewise, Jordan Warkol, director of Business Development of the Toon Goggles service, commented that as an international platform they are focused on AVOD and being widely distributed, and growing in Brazil and Latin America, where “we have had an increase in the audience for several years and where the AVOD business is growing”. Additionally, they will launch channels in Portuguese and Spanish to give their users a better experience.

For González, the way of the future will be to ally OTT services with mobile, broadband and open TV "that is very important in our market".