Cristina Bellido, West One Music Group: Producing music that has the quality and versatility needed to suit any audiovisual production

Our biggest advantage is the diversity and expertise
23 de abril de 2021

West One Music Group is a totally independent, self-funded music production company said to be the world leader, with operations in London, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico DF, Bogota, Bangkok, Sidney, Singapore, and Paris, among others, which gives it access to very different markets, as well as to worldwide pools of local talent.

“I’d say our biggest advantage is the diversity and expertise of our teams as well as our artist and composer roster,” said Cristina Bellido, global head of sales at West One Music Group.

Besides its production of high-quality music labels, West One is proud of some fairly unique labels they’ve produced, like Somos throughout Latin America and Asia Record Collective, which features authentic local Asian music. “We also offer custom music services (from single track to full score) for a variety of clients and partners ranging from Viacom, A&E Networks, Netflix, and Spotify, just to name a few,” she added.

For Bellido, one of the biggest challenges for the music industry is to find a place in such a saturated market, “so our role is to continuously identify the best talent and produce music that has the quality and versatility needed to suit any audiovisual production.”

She warned that the music industry in its totality must get better at recognizing the fine work of artists and composers who genuinely embrace multiculturalism and diversity, “so in the same way, the content production landscape becomes more global and diverse, (and) so does the need for music in media to reflect such authenticity.”

One of the keys to holding onto one’s place in the market is to find that difficult balance between being authentic and adapting to the rapid changes in the needs of the media market. Achieve that, Bellido said, and “you’ll do great!”